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The StyleMyChild Giving Department

Looking for a cause? We've got one for you! To help children who need us.

Finding a way to consistently contribute to the needs of children across the globe was our main focus in developing and growing StyleMyChild. There are many sites out there for people to sell their products on, and tons of websites for people to buy childrens products on.

What we are excited to be doing here at StyleMyChild is donating everytime a purchase happends on our website.


Over the past four months, we have been focusing our efforts to gain awareness for StyleMyChild and our pledge to donate $5 from each purchase, and we have now reached our goal to donate $1,000 to charity!

We are thrilled to help Visionledd, a charitable organization helping widows and orphans in Africa, purchase school uniforms, school supplies and meals for children in Malawi and Zambia. Without donations like ours these children wouldn’t be able to attend school. The chance to attend school gives these children an opportunity they otherwise would never have. By watching our own children learn at school we can see the pride they have in themselves. StyleMyChild wants children across the world to have that experience as well and bring some pride and dignity to their lives.

Our slogan is “Kids Get It!” Your kids get the gifts, and kids around the world get support that matters! Encourage your friends and family to check out StyleMyChild so that we can reach more children and impact their lives in a truly life-changing way.

As the years progress, and our business grows, we look forward to partnering with other groups willing to help those around the world, and in our own communities, who can benefit from our company's policy of giving. We are excited to see what we can do!

What a privilege to know you are helping simply by buying or selling a product on our store! It's an awesome way to use your talents as a seller, together with a community, to reach out and give to those in need. Just think of all we can do together!

We look forward to updating you as we reach our goals to show you who we are helping and how they are being impacted.

We are excited to keep giving in the coming months with a new campaign called “Helpless not Hopeless” where we will again be pledging a specific dollar amount for every sale on our site. Stay tuned for details!

Photos by: Reynold Mainse Photography